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Ancestral Wisdom on Imposter Syndrome

Blessings All,

Enjoy this short video, I share ancestral wisdom’s on working through imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is often times a huge hurdle that if not worked through, keeps us from aligning with opportunities that allow us to embody our gifts with full authenticity and vulnerability. This has been a personal lesson that I have been studying and learning from since I began to branch out and create my own ancestral healing practice.

In the midst of your experiences with Imposter Syndrome, here a kind message from my ancestors to yours: “ In the presence of your ancestors who walk with you always, who help hold the prayers and rituals in place for your life to exist, you cannot be an imposter. Your ancestors see you and know you when you cannot see yourself and question who you are. They are present in every moment and accompany you across every threshold.

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