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Celebrating the Gift of Another Year

Hand on white daily flowers in green grass

I am so thankful to the Creator, well Ancestors known and unknown by name, all of the human beings and other-than-human beings and magical powers that have helped to create the conditions for my life to exist in this moment. I’m still holding so much gratitude in my heart for the breath in my body and the shoulders and hands of those that continue to elevate me here on this journey. 

Welcoming this new year has been a celebration filled with ease and goodness this year. Generally, birthdays are ungrounding and grief-filled reminders of the temporal nature of this body here on earth and a deep longing for home. Somehow, this year feels different and was met with a steadiness that I’ve never felt before- a feeling that my feet are firmly on the ground. I feel a deeper sense of connection and trust that as I continue to move along the path, that I don’t need to see the path because each foot is divinely held and always has a place to land. Sure, there will be mud, solid ground, sand, quick sand, gravel, uncharted territory and puddles along the way, but it feels so good to be fully present for the quality of each step and what is present rather that feeling as though I need to see/know/anticipate the full path ahead before I can move. The truth is that the path for all of us is alive, living, breathing, winding, weaving, shifting, pulsing and changing each second—just like we are and it’s an invitation to be in deep remembrance of its aliveness and our own. 

With this in mind, my invitation to myself in this 33rd year of incarnate life is to deepen my commitment and presence to Being on the path and in the path without holding the expectation of ever fully seeing, realizing or understanding the mystery, the beauty, the potential and the profound depth of what is unfolding before me. I hold the heart felt intention to walk in the awe, humility and grace of presence for what is present and unfolding. 

I’m holding deep and boundless love and gratitude for my family, friends and community that continue to teach me, hold me, love me, support me and bring their whole selves to our journey together. And I’m so grateful to share this day with my twin sister a kind-hearted, beautiful and luminous being.

Here's to us Ibeji!!

Ase! Alhamdulillah! Amen! Go Raibh Maith Agat!


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