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Ancestral Healing: Returning Home to the Village

Annual Atlantic Ocean Pilgrimage 2018

Annual Atlantic Ocean Pilgrimage 2018

My personal work around Ancestral Healing has been nourishing, grounding, resourcing and (gasp) challenging. Engaging in this work has held the invitation for me to be in a deep study of “the village” (those who have had a hand in raising/supporting me). It has further challenged me to stretch my concept of “the village” beyond the incarnate One’s that I can see/touch. It has helped me refine the framework that I have acquired over my lifetime for establishing & maintaining healthy relationships with other humans and the other-than human ones. While these challenges have at times been exhilarating, grief filled and confusing, my well ancestors continue to hold and elevate me in the process. They have shown me a great deal of patience, love, ease and grace.

On this path I have come to feel, hold and understand the value of the silent members (the ancestors) of the village—those who no longer appear in human form but whose presence is very much alive within the village and all its members. As I have opened myself to relating more deeply with them, there has been an unveiling of the wisdoms, love, blessings and burdens of my lineages.

As I cross the thresholds of initiation within the incarnate life, they continue to show me bigger patterns and themes that are at play in the village and in the world at large. With each grain of ancestral wisdom I am gifted, comes the growing responsibility of holding the awareness that within each choice I make lay the opportunity to be complicit in the perpetuation of those themes or to be a force of disruption.

I hold the gift of this connection with great tenderness and gratitude. The ancestors continue to teach me many things about life here one Earth and of all the wisdom's they continue to share with me, the wisdom of Belonging is one that I hold closest to my heart. They have taught me that no one comes into the Earth realm alone. Each of us belongs to our own village and part of the sacred work in life is reclaiming relationships and access to the support of those in the village that we do not see. Neither time nor circumstance removes us from the village because the village is woven into our blood and bones. This life continues to be an invitation to return home to the village over and over again for nourishment, resourcing and growth.

As I embark on sharing this work with others – I have taken to holding the work as guiding others on their return home to the village.  

Inward & Onward in Kindness,

Tamira C

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