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Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral Healing

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What is Ancestral Healing?

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Ancestral healing is a practice of connecting with and actively reclaiming your relationships with well blood lineage Ancestors that came before you, in a safe and contained way. Through the healing process you connect to kind and loving ancestors within your blood lineages who provide insight into the blessings and burdens of the lineages as they guide the healing process. When connecting to your healthy and vibrant blood Ancestors, you have the opportunity to engage in the healing of disruptive energies, negative behavior patterns, generational traumas and cultural wounds that are present within your lineages. Through the deepening of your relationships with Ancestral guides, you gain access to unlimited blessings and resourcing for your life. These blessings and resourcing may arise through the embodiment of healing, spiritual technologies and gifts of your people which in turn may provide further clarity and insight into your unique destiny. In addition to serving as loving guides in the healing process, the well ancestors are also wonderful resources that are available for support in everyday life. 

Through the healing process you may also be guided to establish or deepen your relationships with the Earth and the other-than-human powers that support and resource you on your journey here.

The Approach

The framework of this healing practice was developed by Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine and is discussed in great depth in his book, "Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing". This practice engages directly with the healthy Ancestors on your 4 primary blood lines.

This approach relies on 5 key assumptions:

  • There is a continued level of consciousness after the death of the body

  • Not all of the dead are equally well

  • The living and the dead communicate with one another

  • The living and the dead are impacted by one another

  • The dead can change and relatively quickly

This approach is free of religious dogma and is heavily rooted in animism with an emphasis on working in protected ritual space. The healing practice is led by healthy and vibrant blood Ancestors who provide protection and boundaries from unwell, not-yet Ancestors.  In this approach, you are guided to engage directly with well and vibrant blood Ancestors.

As a practitioner of Ancestral Healing, I adhere to the Code of Ethics established by Dr. Daniel Foor.

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  • Developing a healthy framework for relating to other humans

  • Providing a path to cultural healing in your own life and collectively

  • Energetic shifts, energetic and physical healing and DNA upgrades

  • Re-patterning of negative behaviors and coping mechanisms

  • Resourcing and support on your life journey here on Earth

  • Greater insight into your own destiny and gifts

  • Clearing of intergenerational trauma and abuse that has been stored in the body

  • Developing a framework respectfully relating to the Earth and other-than-human powers

How do Sessions Work?

In the initial session, which is 90 minutes, we do an assessment of your 4 primary lineages. Sessions following the initial assessment are either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on your preference. Sessions happen at a pace that allows you to integrate this work in a manner that is supportive to your well-being. In my personal experience, bi-weekly (twice a month) sessions have allowed for integration, spaciousness and accountability to keep the momentum moving forward. 

Ancestral Healing sessions are not a replacement or substitute for working with a licensed therapist, but are complementary as they often provide great depth and insight into life's challenges.

Experience in spiritual work is welcome but not required. Still have questions? Awesome! Click below to schedule a complementary 15 minute session.

When you engage your loving ancestors, you can catalyze healing breakthroughs in your family including establishing appropriate boundaries with living relatives.
— Dr.Daniel Foor " Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing"

Ancestral Offerings

As a pracitioner of Ancestral and Earth honoring wisdoms, offerings are a vital part of my personal practice and spiritual nourishment.


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